Learn node: Frederick Douglass


Posted on 4th December 2007 by Judy Breck in biography

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motto_frederick_douglass_original_medium.jpgThis learn node connects to a fabulous open network about a great American. The first click is to a node at a great new American museum: the Frederick Douglass page at the new online National Museum of African American History and Culture. Only the online version of this NMAAHC museum is open; the physical museum is under construction in Washington DC. The above image of Douglass by an unidentified photographer is an Ambrotype dated 1856 from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution of which the NMAAHC museum is a member.

Frederick Douglass materials that are not enslaved by proprietary Internet barriers are plentiful and authoritative online. The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass Project offers letters, images, writings, links and other educational resources and opportunities. The project is the work of the University of Rochester Libraries with the support of Xerox Corporation. The University of Pennsylvania offers online Douglass books. The Library of Congress offers a large depository of Douglass’ papers, openly available to the online visitor. Documenting the American South makes available more documents and more links.

Each of the sources you can click to above will provide paths to click to more and more about Frederick Douglass. The networking among the open online resources for this great and famous man is far richer, more complete and authoritative than any previous resource for the topic. It includes, for example, video clips from Biography.com.

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